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Make-up artist training




The make-up artist training is particularly suitable for: Beginners, employees of hairdressing companies, cosmetic institutes, drugstores / perfumeries and people who do not want to do without professional make-up advice, bridal consultation and make-up courses . Learn All New Trends and Techniques. Including course materials and brush set.

Courses can be postponed for a few weeks (depending on the number of registrations), course postponements by participants are possible. Please contact school management. Private course also possible. After basic training, you can attend the Fashion Make Up Artist course.




Please note that the courses can only start with a minimum of 3 participants. Please contact us for further information.
Dates including public holidays

and vacation days

10:00  - 5:00 p.m

Sunday Class

21/04/2024  to  28/07/2024

02/06/2024  to  01/09/2024

18/08/2024  to  17/11/2024

Thursday Class

25/04/2024  to  05/08/2024

06/06/2024  to  05 /09/2024

22/08/2024  to  21/11/2024

Evening course Monday and Thursday evening

   03/06/2024 to 29/08/2024

Monday Class

22/04/2024  to  29/07/2024

03/06/2024  to  02/09/2024

19/08/2024  to  18/11/2024

Friday Class

26/04/2024  to  06/08/2024

07/06/2024  to  06 /09/2024

23/08/2024  to  22/11/2024

Wednesday Class

24/04/2024  to   31/07/2024

05/06/2024  to  04 /09/2024

21/08/2024  to   20/11/2024

Saturday Class

20/04/2024  to  27/07/2024

01/06/2024  to  31 /08/2024

24/08/2024  to  23/11/2024


Beauty make-up artist training + hairstyling course for beginners


Do you have a passion for perfect make-up and, in addition, a perfectly fitting hairstyle with soft waves, supple cuts and generally a good eye for aesthetics? Or do you already work in a cosmetic institute or a hairdressing company? Then find out more about our make-up artist training and sign up for one of our hairstyling courses for beginners!


Our make-up artist and hairstyling courses are ideal for beginners who want to take their work to a new level. We start with the basics and work our way up to the latest trends and techniques as the course progresses; materials for reading and refreshing your knowledge, as well as a professional brush set, are also included in the participation fee.

Who is the hairstyling course for beginners aimed at?

We offer the make-up artist training or the optional hairstyling course primarily for beginners, employees of hairdressing companies, cosmetic institutes, drugstores/perfumerie and people who do not want to do without professional make-up advice, bridal advice and make-up courses in their work.

We expand your specialist knowledge so that you know exactly how to apply make-up to private individuals for special occasions, models specifically for photo shoots or fashion shows, or actors for theater and TV appearances. We encourage your sense of trends and give you important tips and tricks on the subject of make-up.

Basic hairstyling course for beginners as an optional bonus

Combine the make-up artist know-how from the make-up artist training with the hairstyling course for beginners and round off your knowledge perfectly. Because your customers' styling is only perfect when "the painting" (the face) also has the right "frame" (the hairstyle). In 1 day we will teach you the basic knowledge you need to be able to create effective hairstyles. The focus is on quick, expressive looks for private individuals, brides, special occasions as well as photo shoots and fashion shows.

Day or evening course: the choice is yours

With us, you not only have the choice of whether you want to complete the make-up artist training over a period of 14 or 28 weeks, but also whether the courses should take place during the day between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or in the evening between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. We will then issue you with a certificate of your successful participation.

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