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Marguerite's Make Up School

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Dear makeup enthusiasts and customers


We are carrying out our e-learning as planned!  

Here you will find various offers for courses and workshops.


The courses listed below take place online, are repeated once a week and are mostly 1 day courses. The classes take place on site as usual.

What do I need:

The Zoom Handy App / Account. After booking a course, you will receive a confirmation email and the zoom link for the booked course.


How does this work:

The courses and workshops are expected to take place online for the next 6 weeks. They all take place via Zoom, a live app, so the dates of the courses and classes must be observed.


We learn step by step with Marguerite. Let's make up together! I'm looking forward to you.


Your marguerite


Make-up for beginners - discover our online courses


Sparkling make-up, perfect eyebrows and impressive eyes: who wouldn't want to learn these make-up techniques? Professional make-up to really shine in everyday life, in the evening or at celebrations. There are many ways to put on makeup and bring out your best in yourself. With our make-up for beginners course   you will learn the first basics: from foundation, shape and color theory to the very first professional brush strokes.


A "make-up for beginners" course is for all those who have always wanted to gain a little insight into the world of make-up artists and make-up artists. The course is intended to give everyone who is interested in make-up a little insight into the wide world of make-up - and whet their appetite for more. The first steps of applying make-up are explained simply and professionally with great attention to detail in the e-learning course.

Get to know the world of make-up: With our e-learning courses under the motto "Make-up for beginners"


Makeup can be a bit overwhelming for beginners at first. Because there is a lot to consider: For example, the right order is essential. This is important so that the foundation and the further application of color last. In the beginner courses, we explain everything that is needed for professional make-up. You'll also learn the importance of washing your face before your makeup routine and many more tricks to bring out your sweet side. The "Day Make-up" course is recommended for a first taster. This gives a little insight into what is already possible with a subtle day make-up. Or do you have regular business meetings online? Then you shouldn't miss our "Ready for Business on Zoom" course.


Expand your knowledge: Advanced courses


Whether it's glorious glamor or elaborate drag queen make-up : the advanced courses are all about it. Courses on smokey eyes and glam make-up are recommended for those who already have some experience in make-up. The refresher courses are ideal for those who want to refresh the knowledge they have already acquired. Depending on the intensity, you can choose between a one-day or multi-day course. Our e-learning courses are the ideal basis for the courses we offer, such as in the areas of make-up artist, make-up artist or make-up artist.

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