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In Marguerite's make-up school, the face becomes a creative canvas

Beauty, hairstyling and make-up is our greatest passion - and what could be nicer than sharing your passion? As early as 2014, the team at Marguerite's make-up school  es set itself the task of passing on its enthusiasm and knowledge to people interested in beauty. From beginners to professionals, we have the right course for everyone in our program.

For make-up artists and make-up artists, mascara, eye shadow and the like are more than just everyday cosmetic utensils - they serve as brushes and paint to conjure up their works of art on the faces of their clients.

Do you burn - just like us - for the fascinating world of beauty and would you like to learn this kind of art? In Marguerite's make-up school your dream will come true! We offer you a wide range of compact courses as well as training and further education opportunities, from an intensive 1-day course to comprehensive training to become a make-up artist and further education in "Make-up SFX and Art". You can also look forward to professional guest trainers from all over the world. Take a look at our unique course program and see for yourself!

Our make-up artist school is for everyone - from newcomers to professionals

Of course, you can not only attend make-up artist and make-up courses in Marguerite's make-up artist school in Lucerne, but also the hair is not neglected in our seminars. If you would like to know how to style exclusive hairstyles for a wide variety of occasions, for example for photo shoots, fashion shows or weddings, our professional " hairstyling training " with a diploma is just the right thing for you. In this course we teach the basics of creative, extraordinary hair design - ideal for beginners without any previous experience. But you've also come to the right place if you want to refresh or deepen your knowledge as a fashion hairstylist - we offer further training in the field of "hairstyling" in our program as well as courses for beginners.

If you have any questions about our courses, please feel free to contact us via email   or by phone. For a binding registration, you can use our registration form . We look forward to welcoming you to one of our make-up courses in Lucerne.

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