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Make up Artist Ausbildung Luzern

Fashion week und September  2024
Milano and NY Fashion Week Experience 
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Marguerites Makeup School is dedicated to helping aspiring makeup artists realize their full potential. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from basic makeup applications to advanced techniques.
Also workshops with renowned international make-up artists and the opportunity to travel to London, Milan and New York to participate in Fashion Week

We also offer career guidance to help our students succeed in the highly competitive makeup industry. We provide resources and advice to guide them through the job search process and help them find the right job for their skills and interests. We are committed to helping our students achieve their long-term goals and realize the career of their dreams.


Professional Make-up artist training in Switzerland



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Contemporary, multifaceted and creative:





Make up artist Training





Marguerite Gebhardt

Founded in 2014 by Marguerite Gebhardt, Marguerite's Make Up School provides students with thorough training in the intricacies of professional makeup art for film, television, fashion, theater and retail.

The national and international make-up school is run by Marguerite Gebhardt, member of the Make-Up Artists Association Switzerland (VVDS). Marguerite is an internationally trained, professional make-up artist and looks back on a long career in all areas of the make-up business. Mutual creative exchange, the promotion of individuality and a professional understanding of work are therefore also in the foreground of her make-up artist school.

Make-up course in Lucerne: We offer a wide range!

Be it a make-up artist training course as a qualified make-up artist or a make-up enthusiast: Thanks to the various training directions and the professional techniques you have learned, you will meet all the requirements of the industry. Your in-depth knowledge will pave your way into the makeup industry. Because the right, type-appropriate make-up leads to a radiant appearance and more success

Are you looking for the most suitable make-up course in Lucerne for you? You can find detailed information on individual areas under the various menu sections. We would be happy to provide you with additional information about our make-up artist training in Lucerne and our individual courses.

Make-up training in Lucerne

Marguerite's make-up school in Switzerland offers you professional make-up training with a certificate and make-up artist training with a diploma. Upon successful completion of these courses, you will be qualified in the areas of

Beauty, fashion. Photo, film and TV, theater, glamor, wedding, catwalk, retail, fashion, lifestyle

to take on professional work and to carry out the high expectations You can not only attend a make-up artist training course with us as a professional make-up artist, but also book an inspiring make-up course at our school in Lucerne as a make-up enthusiast hobby make-up artist.

Make-up artist school Lucerne

Make-up artist training Marguerite's make-up school opened in November 2014. It is the only make-up school of its kind in Lucerne and in all of Central Switzerland. With us, the students have their finger on the pulse and continuously get to know the latest trends. The world of the big make-up fairs, such as B. the IMATS in London is open to you as part of your training with us.

Another special feature of our school is that you can attend seminars by international guest trainers here. Professional make-up artists and make-up artists enjoy a unique further training concept during their training with us.

If you successfully complete our training, you can work in a variety of areas. Click here and inquire about the international student exchange in LA, USA today to study in one of the best schools.

Our training courses correspond to the preparation for the federal examination.

Our make-up and make-up artist courses in Lucerne

Visagisten Ausbildung Luzern
"Marguerite is a great teacher. She takes care of after your workout to us and helps with many valuable tips."
                     - Regula Maya
Visagisten Ausbildung
"Marguerite is a very good and competent teacher who knows her craft. Her affable and affectionate manner makes learning this great job all the more fun. I am very happy that I have chosen this school."
                      - Mirjam Arnold
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